Days Out !!

Having hubby around this weekend and no homework!, we decided to venture out for the day on Saturday.  We started off at Borough Market with the intention of going where our noses led us.
As you know there is far too much to photograph and I must apologise, I left my camera at home, so these are just snaps from my phone. 
I love the colours of all the fresh juices on display, 
 And the choices of fish are wonderful.

 Seasonal apples are just a joy, such variety,
 and so many tomatoes to choose from.
 We bought muffins for breakfast to go with softly poached eggs, (and they were very nice)
 But the one thing that caught my attention (and my sense of smell) is the Oranges and Clementines straight from Valencia, with leaves still green and fresh in the box.  We bought a box and they are lovely, fresh with a tang and so delicate and full of juice, an absolute treat at this time of year.
 And there are lots more citrus offerings to try before the best of the season is over.
 We had coffee at our favourite turkish coffee bar, with lemon and rose turkish delight, which was just dreamy.
 And I met up with A, remember A it was so lovely to meet up with him again.  We had such a lovely chat about all things Alopcia and I am most jealous, as he’s grown eyebrows in the last couple of months.  We worked out we are alopecia twins, we both lost our hair at about the same time, just over six years ago, how spooky is that.  A treated us to the turkish delight (again!) I’ve told him we must buy our own next time, but at least with me living in London these days it won’t be so long until I see him.  I must say, he’s really growing into a fine young man, I wish him well for the future.  (And I don’t think I have seen any Alopecian’s since I last saw him – I almost feel normal looking at this piccie with us two together)
 We then trotted on to the South Bank to wander around the German Market, its nicely stretched out by the Thames and gives you a good walk as you wander around the 80 or so little huts.
There were whole sides of salmon being roasted,
 and the whirl of the carousel,
 Big Ben keeping watch from a distance,
 And the smell of the salt and the sound of the waves lapping the stony beach from the Thames.
 There were gingerbread houses of all proportions.
 And gorgeous stars made from paper.
 My favourite German marshmallows.
 And at the end there is this huge area selling second hand books, but it was getting just a bit nippy.
So a little something to keep out the cold, red wine and a ‘pint’ of sausage rolls, which were very good.
 We went travelling and were met by pirates,
 and came on shore at Soho, to eat at our favourite Chinese, I  thought this window was wonderful as we walked past. 
Tired and happy we went home, talking about wonderful times past and more to come.

2 thoughts on “Days Out !!

  1. Carie says:

    And that was just one day! Wow! It looks like you had a blast, and I can now rest happy in the knowledge that somewhere in the world sausage rolls are measured by the pint – brilliant!


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