John Lewis spectacular Christmas window displays.

Its Christmas!
Well its nearly Christmas, well, okay, its December, but at least we are in the month of Christmas.  
And Christmassy things start to happen, which in my eyes is wonderful, even if we are doing things very simply this year.  And I’ve never spent Christmas in London before, just the odd day to shop, now at least I notice the details just a little more.
And the details that hit me square between the eyes yesterday was John Lewis’s window display.  
I shall let it speak for itself, apart from to say, its wonderful.

And just to let you see what Oxford Street is looking like at the moment. 
Every time I see the Christmas lights, they make my heart jump just a little – don’t they know that in my perceived imagination that is what a swarm of martians would look like when they come to land on and take over the Earth!  And when they are lit and its dark, you can barely see the wires and they hover right above, its spooky and glorious all at the same time

One thought on “John Lewis spectacular Christmas window displays.

  1. amelia says:

    I love the snowball lights, so pretty. And although the window displays are very imaginative and I could never think of them, I don't like them. I like the traditional windows and I'll bet most kids do too!


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