They are on there way !!!

Whilst chatting to son no. 2 via the wonders of video calling he made comment that he was very cold in his student digs and was wearing my first knitted jumper, which was big enough and thick enough to keep Santa and all his little helpers warm (he refuses to go out in it, but gladly snuggles up in it when he’s in his room) and really needed some fingerless gloves.  (it was only after the knitting was in full swing that he wanted fingerless gloves with fingers on – I’ve told him that these are much better) 
So, then the chat about what colour he would like, this took nearly three quarters of an hour, which involved sending photographs and shoving yarn in front of my camera and that it would indeed be a very bad thing (for me) to break into a jumpers worth of stash for mitts when I had some kitten soft, very warm, hand dyed, beautiful yarn that would make perfect mitts.  He referred to it as baby sick with blue spots on, I’m not sure I have convinced him.  But they are gorgeously soft, very warm and in real life much darker and I think quite manly.  I’ve had to say I will knit him a second pair if these are okay fit wise, in a colour he would like – I didn’t say when though!  There is a lot of stretch in the rib, don’t be mislead that they fit my dainty little hands, compared to his.

I’ve completely forgotten what the yarn is called, as its been wound into a cake for quite a while and during my time at college I didn’t updated my Ravelry account as often as perhaps I would have liked, so the jumper that is knit from it is nowhere to be seen on Rav, therefore no notes. 
The pattern was free called Comfort Zone by Erica Jackofsky and did what it said on the tin. I didn’t vary the needle sizes as suggested and I made the wrist longer for extra warmth and I knit them in a manly size large. 
Lets hope he likes them and they keep him warm!

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