Micky Flanagan O2

If your reading this because your thinking about going to see Micky Flanagan, GO, you won’t regret it, it was an amazing evening, he’s a wonderful comic who really knows how to capture the essence of human behaviour. 
I happened to notice that Micky Flanagan was on at the O2, I discovered Micky a while ago now and am always entertained when he pops up on tele, so thought this was an opportunity too good to miss.  Of course by the time I discovered this, I wasn’t able to buy seats together, but what I did manage to do was to get seats on the same row, twenty seats apart, to be honest I’m getting so used to my own company that it didn’t affect our enjoyment, it was quite nice meeting up for interval drinks and meeting up again afterwards, hubby looking attentive, waiting for me, always makes my heart leap just a little, even after all these years. 
And we’d never been to the dome before, that blew us away as we came out of the train station, its huge, I knew it would be huge, but its huge…

 Inside, its like a mini village of restaurants and bars, it really nicely appointed, an excellent place for an evening out.
 Waiting for Micky,
And just to give you an idea of the venue, I believe the Dome takes 20 thousand people and as this was a sell out tour, I don’t think there was a spare seat in the house.  Considering the amount of people, the temperature remained perfect and it wasn’t a problem to come in or to get out, it was all really well executed, and there was enough leg room, for me with my 33″ inside leg, so I was a very happy girl.  
As I said previously, Micky Flanagan had us rocking in our seats, his detail is exquisite when story telling, his punch lines unexpected and his honesty about life is a beautiful thing.

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