Twelfth Night.

I’ve just got time to squeeze in a Christmassy photograph before we lose all things twinkly for another year – unless like me you favour twinkling lights about your home in the depth of winter.  Currently I have rather fetching sets of white, warm white and red twinkling lights set into the grates of the open fire places, much less work than a real fire but just as pretty.
I have been trying to get to Facing the Modern – The Portrait in Vienna 1900 at the National Gallery for most of the autumn and for one reason or another I was thwarted time and time again.  So last week, left to my own devices I took full advantage and headed off to Trafalgar Square.
 We had intended to go to Trafalgar Square for New Years Eve, but it was not meant to be, so there I was two days late and even though I was late, I was just as excited.  I love this snapshot, it has a touch of a Victorian oil painting about it, so timeless with its double decker red buses and red street lights in the distance, there is something about it, that reminds me of something I’ve seen, but I can’t remember by whom.  Maybe a bit Lowery with his use of red dots in windows and lights to draw the eye into his paintings, I’m not sure but it is lovely.
 And the National Gallery was looking equally beautiful, I always promise myself to spend more time there, I always fail, maybe this year I will.
But before I leave you with just the faintest memory of a moment in Trafalgar Square, the pretty lights, the atmosphere of Christmas, fading quickly as the clock strikes 12,
I wouldn’t want to be woken up at daybreak by this big blue cock !
Isn’t he magnificent.
Just, “Wow”

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