Watch out, watch out, a pink teddy bear is about!

It all started innocently enough, a conversation over Christmas, I went from horrified to laughter in about sixty seconds.
You see after the operation, son no.2 was left with a huge area that he has no feeling in.  We have warned him about barbeque’s, standing too close to the cooker/oven and generally anywhere that we felt that he could be burnt.  We had forgotten about warning him about hot water bottles, well rather we had, we had mentioned that he must cover them and left it at that. 
Son no.2’s house at Uni is very cold and they are poor students so the heating is only turned on enough to prevent the pipes from freezing, half an hour twice a day, so his aran weight woolly jumper and hot water bottle are getting well used.  And he simply fell asleep on his covered hot water bottle, but because there is no feeling he ended up with two very deep burns that were long and thin, but extremely deep.  By the time I saw them they had very deep scabs on them and I’ve since had the conversation, ‘just because you can’t feel it, doesn’t mean it might not need medical attention’.  
So after I had squeeked for a bit, the conversation quickly turned to onsie’s and how practical that would be for him, I suggested a pink bunny rabbit with big floppy ears and he laughed like a drain at that idea and the conversation moved onto other things. 
Although, I hadn’t forgotten about it.  
So I went hunting in the Boxing day sales for pink fleece and found some at John Lewis for £5.00 a metre and promptly bought five meters.  And then rummaging through the pattern books I found this, which was perfect. I would have sewn the lion, but there was nothing in the sale that would suit it.  A pink teddy bear it was.
I cut out the pattern, added six inches to the body as I know that is where his height is on his body and made sure that should I need to alter it, the long zip wouldn’t be too long and I could easily take some length back off the body.  And then I cut out the fabric and breathed life into it. 
And as you all know, I have a lovely hubby who was willing to model this for me and he looked as cute as a button in it.  
 The head isn’t attached, its made separately and has a couple of press studs at the front to keep it on.
 And as we all know, a teddy bear stands or falls by his ears, and these came out quite well.  Although it was fiddly sewing them afterwards, I thought they would be inserted into seams but they weren’t.
 There are spats to cover shoes or slippers
 and to complete the look there are mittens. 
I can only guess what this teddy bear is going to get up to, I suspect he will have alot of fun.

6 thoughts on “Watch out, watch out, a pink teddy bear is about!

  1. Lorraine says:

    I've followed your blog for ages, but don't think I've commented before. This post deserved a comment. Your hubby is a treasure ! And you are sewing beautifully. 🙂 hope No 2 son enjoys it.


  2. amelia says:

    This is totally amazing!! Your hubby is an absolute treasure because I'm pretty sure mine wouldn't model that and you are so clever to have made it! You truly are the most talented lady!!!Will your son actually wear this? Is he man enough to take the ribbing he'll get? I hope he is as this is a wonderful onesie made by a very clever mum!


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