‘Tis time to start the Christmas knitting.

Yes, yes, I know its August.

I know I did mention on my last post that I thought Summer may well be broken.  And perhaps that was a bit presumptuous,  but on further inspection I find myself wearing these to keep my tootsies warm as well as dragging a hand knit cardigan out of its summer resting place to put on.  Perhaps its the lack of hair, but I feel the shivers long before everyone else seems to.

socks me 2014

I knit these along with another two pairs last year to go in my ‘new for me knitted socks pile’ – I’ve no idea what yarn they are, I don’t tend to keep track of sock yarns like I used to.  Its German, its probably Opal, 4ply,  I would have knitted them on a 60 stitch round with 2.5 mm needles with a heel flap design, a 15 row 2 by 2 rib and 60 row stocking stitch leg with a 48 row foot in between the instep and the toe.

And so it was it got me to thinking, I haven’t knit my family a pair of socks for two winters and I must try and remedy that this year, before the moans for new socks becomes ever more urgent.  We have discussed before that one should never give a person hand knit socks unless they truly love them and are willing to be their sock knitting slave for the rest of one’s natural born days.  At the moment I have five such people on my list, and I fight the good fight to prevent any more joining, its sometimes a tough struggle and people have been known to get grumpy when told the sock knitting list is closed, definitely closed, yep absolutely closed.

And so it was at three this morning, in the grips of the worst insomnia for quite a while, I sorted out piles of sock yarn, found needles and cast on a pair for my Dad’s Christmas box,  (he doesn’t read the blog)  and managed many rows of rib before drifting off.

And this evening I am swiftly heading for the turn of the heel.

socks Dad 2014

This is a 68 stitch round with an 18 round 2 by 2 rib on 2.5mm needles in 4ply Regia Galaxy Jupiter 01555.   I’m really liking the way they are coming out and I know my Dad will love them, the colours are just so him and I know that he will love that I took the time to knit him a pair and his toes will be lovely and warm all winter just by wearing his collection of hand knit socks.

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