Flavoursome Friday – Spicy Porky Beans

Remember the shoulder of Pork?  Well I decided to make it into a nice sticky barbecue style mess.

spicy beans 1First of all I soaked some black eyed beans overnight and then cooked them for nearly an hour until they were tender. spicy beans 2

Then I fried some onions with some chilli, garlic, ginger and then peeled and chopped a Bramley apple, added a tin of tomatoes, some tomato puree, a good dollop of mustard, some sugar, some vinegar and the diced pork, not forgetting salt and pepper and then I had this. spicy beans 3

And I let it simmer for a while until I had this. spicy beans 4

And the apple had disintegrated to make it lighter and slightly tangier and sweeter and then I piled it ontop of a jacket potato and it became a thing of beauty. spicy beans 5

And the rest was frozen for days when cooking seems either tedious, exhausting or boring…

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