Tall Ships Arriving.

tall ships 1 tall ships 2 tall ships 3 tall ships 4 tall ships 5 tall ships 6 tall ships 7 tall ships 8 tall ships 9 tall ships 10 tall ships 11 tall ships 12 tall ships 13 tall ships 14I went to Royal Arsenal Woolwich to watch some of the Tall ships coming in yesterday for the Tall Ships Festival, have a look on the net, its going to be amazing. Hubby had studied the tide times and been on the internet to work out that there were a few ships hanging around at Southend and between us we’d decided that they’d want a bit of water under them once the tide turned so I should turn up about three.  I wasn’t disappointed as they turned up in quick succession over the next three hours, well slightly that some weren’t showing off and still in sail, but it was fabulous none the less.

I’m drifting off to bed now, look out for the people perched in high rise places and my heart skipped a beat every time a ship came around the bend in the river.  I can just imagine how formidable they must have looked in years gone by.

One thought on “Tall Ships Arriving.

  1. cariemay says:

    Ah that brings back a few memories – I sailed in the Tall Ships Races of 1997 and 1998 on Morning Star (who may or may not have been there)!


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