Meatless Monday – Coconut, butternut squash and lentil curry.


I had a good sized butternut squash that was waving to me from the larder.  (a glorified laundry basket in the cupboard under the stairs)  And I’d been umming and arrhhing about what to cook with it when I decided that a curry with lentils and coconut might go down very well.  And so it was I chopped onion, ginger, garlic and chilli and cooked them off, adding a tin of toms, a mug of desicated coconut, the chopped up butternut squash, tomato puree, curry spices, add some, taste it, add some more, is normally my favoured way of adding those – don’t add cloves though, never, never add the cloves..  Added lentils and lots more water and cooked gently, stirring so that it doesn’t stick.  And then with a final flourish of a big handful of chopped up fresh corriander, dinner was served.  And it was so much better than it looks.  I served some to hubby when he visited and he is a confirmed carnivore and he loved it !!!  It is one I will be doing again.

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