Stitchery Tuesday – Sewing in of ends.

As with all knitting, there is much more sewing, and/or, sewing in of ends than one first imagines, unless your one of the clever Americans who knits everything in the round, starts top down and adds sleeves as you go and then you just have a little kitchener stitch to deal with under the arms,  which depending on the way you roll may or may not be a good thing.

The blanket is finished, well almost finished, a three hour film may do the trick.  Ends 2

If you look carefully there are two ends to sew in at every corner, I’m not even going to try and do the maths for 130 squares, its A Lot.  And with the best will in the world there is no point in rushing it with gritted teeth just because I’m sick of the sight of the thing – or is that just me.  I’ll take it slowly and allow the feeling of slight sadness to develop, the sadness where I know I won’t be playing with this beautiful yarn any longer.  Although the plus part of a blanket is that I get to look at it everyday as it will be pride of place in my living room.  Not stashed away in a wardrobe waiting for winter, like alot of my woollies are.  Ends

And then I have to wait and at the present time it takes about five years, before the pain of tackling such a large project passes and another blanket catches my eye which I simply have to make.  Its nearly finished, I’m so excited.

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