Toile meets Pip.

Toile and I ventured home last week to spend a few days with our loved ones.  Well my loved ones, Toile hadn’t become known to her loved ones at that point, although this is her second visit, the last time she was very tiny so we kept her wrapped up in cotton wool as all good cat owners should tiny almost defenceless (perhaps we shouldn’t mention the vets war wound) kittens.   I didn’t manage to get out and about as much as I would have liked to start with, down to Son no.2 giving me a huge bear hug which left me feeling wounded and quite ill for three days, we think he must have put some sort of slight dislocation on my shoulder, I just know that there were many times I was severely tempted to ring the NHS just for some advice, the pain was incredible.  But I got better, time is a great healer, that and the fact that I would probably pick up more than I went in with if I sat in A & E for several hours.

But what this did give me was lots of time to cuddle Toile. Toile home 1

How can you resist that face. Toile home 2

So adorable.

And occasionally she escaped the bedroom and occasionally Pip’s curiosity got the better of him as we would hear him tip toeing up the stairs to stand outside the bedroom door ready to poke his nose in to see what this mewing and bouncing around was all about.

So we thought it was time. Toile home 3

It went well.  Pip is very cat steady and Toile had come from a family with a pet dog, so I knew we stood a good chance if both of them could just hold their nerve.  Toile home 4

Although there was a moment where Toile did become just a little bit nervous, but then her very good nature and a cats natural curiosity got the better of her. Toile home 5


And she thought she would have a little sniff. Toile home 6

And then there was nose touching.   And a minute or so later there was Toile rolling around on her back, paws waving in the air giving her best come and have a play body posture, whilst Pip is looking at me all confused with a ‘what does she want look?’

Its early days but it looks promising.  Maybe next time we will introduce Eric, we are leaving Florence until last, not sure how that is going to go at all.  They will either be best friends or they will hate each other.

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