Meatless Monday – Cheesy potato rosti.

Rosti 1Sometimes you don’t want your five a day, or even your one a day, you just want a very simple supper and this one is pretty simple.  Take some old potatoes, peel, cut into large chunks, pop into a pan with water and a good pinch of salt,  bring to the boil and then simmer for just five minutes, drain, allow to go cold.  Its quite important to allow them to go cold otherwise they break up when you grate them,  you could do it in the morning whilst your drinking your coffee and then place the potatoes in the fridge for later.  Then grate them, squidge them into quite thin patty shapes and cook over a moderate heat in a frying pan with a teaspoon of rape seed oil until they are cooked through which takes about ten minutes, turning them occassionally,  placing a slice of cheese on them as they finish.  Rosti 2

Tasty, simple, cheap and reasonably nutritious.

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