Thursday Knit and Natter – Hinksey Mittens, take two.

As you can see my Hinksey Mittens are still not finished.  This is what comes of producing a quilt top at the weekend and starting to gather steam for the year ahead.  Although I have very much enjoyed posting every day, I can see that that probably won’t be possible in the near future.  I’ll try, mainly because I enjoy writing and exploring my world in photography and descriptive prose, not that I am a brilliant writer, I just enjoy the tinkering along of it. I  also think that because I didn’t post as much as I would have liked last year, I will some how miss out when I reread all about my time at University and what I got up to in London.   So to that end I am going to try and post as much as possible, even if you all do get a tad bored by another recipe or blurry shot of something that is being produced in the studio, I’ll know what it means and it will take me back instantly to that time, and that is one of my main reasons why I write this blog.   For when I’m grey – oh sorry, thats not going to happen! – and old and wrinkly and am sat knitting with my pussy cat, whoever that might be, on my lap, with my ipad to hand, just drifting back over the wondrous times I am having at the moment!

Getting back to the mittens, mittens 1

I don’t knit cable very often, I love the pattern made with cable,  I just don’t do it, I find it takes more of a strain and sometimes I just want to knit plain socks.  So it takes a lot longer, although when I do knit cable, I do find that I can read the chart more easily and am able to knit faster after ten hours or so.  So there is hope, if I just stuck with cable knitting for six months it would all come good. mittens 2

But so far I haven’t made any terrible errors, and haven’t had to frog a mitten, which is all good. mittens 3

And they are very pretty.  (can you see who never leaves my side in the top right hand corner of this photograph?) mittens 4

So just because she is always by my side, Toile, looking very cute at 5 and a half months.mittens 5

Sometimes she has that look of kitten hood and sometimes she has that ‘hey missus, I’m a fully grown cat’ look.  So cute.

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