I always feel like this is a difficult part of the year, emotionally. On the one hand I start to look forward to the autumn colours that abound and which is my very favourite time of the year.  I long for cold days to make the change in the leaves ever brighter and allow the glorious reds and golds to come forward in a blaze of glory.  And yet on the other hand some of the summer plants are only just beginning to realise that their job is done and one can see how they dance so brightly in the first whisps of an autumn breeze and I feel just a little bit sad that another summer is just about to be gone.

These photo’s were all taken on the same day, within steps of each other. Autumn 1

We can see the brambles and the berries, Autumn 2

ripening up and some are drying up. Autumn 3

Yet still flowering, all to give sustenance to those that look for it. Autumn 4

We can see brightly coloured flowers bobbing in the wind with the bumble bees still hard at workAutumn 7

gathering pollen and nectar to store for the hard winter ahead.Autumn 6

And yet when we look closely we can see that this is a time of transition and soon both feet will be firmly locked into Autumn, rescuing hand knit socks and woollen jumpers to keep the the shivers at bay.  It will be like seeing old friends again, with them being just a little bit more bobbly and careworn.

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