Assembly – Royal Arsenal in Woolwich

statues 2 statues 4 statues 3 statues 1When I went to see the Tall Ships I came across these sculptures.  I think I audibly gasped when I saw them, they are in a very Victorian Industrial setting and I got the quivers thinking the Martians were invading.  This is not the first time my Martian feeling has happened in London, I blame my older brothers watching War of the Worlds and playing the album constantly, I grew up believing Martians were a distinct possibility.  But even so, I find them really eerie and really interesting, but they send a shiver down my spine.

There are sixteen figures made in cast iron by the sculptor Peter Burke.  Having researched for this blog post I can tell you that they are made to reflect the community, military and industrial history of the site, where munitions factories once employed thousands of workers.

I love how they vary with which piece is missing and how I felt desperately in need of being able to crawl into one of them, but of course that was not possible from the way they are designed.  And I also think, if there was ever a place that needed a bit of yarn bombing, this would be it.  Wouldn’t they look wonderful with some gaily coloured scarfs and warm bobble hats..  – or is that just me.

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