Its Christmas! – I know, its far too early!

I keep my Christmas very simple these days, last year I decided to not send cards to all but a few and I found it very…. Soothing.  We had three little decorations, a good dinner and Kings College caroling in the background, I don’t think we even exchanged a present, it was perfect.  There was no anxiety, it had all gone.  This year will be even simpler, I won’t be buying any Christmas cards to send, or worrying about it either. Those that know me and want to be in my life, are in my life, its that simple.  But even with all my baah humbug tendencies, I do love a good look around, with half an eye on the prettiness of it all and the other at how well the marketing men do these days.

And so it was I found myself in John Lewis and accidentally came across their Christmas floorChristmas 1.

I really liked these, simple but effective. Christmas 2

And I loved the double decker buses, I didn’t love the prices though,  £30.00 for the bigger of the two.Christmas 4

Reindeer seem to be quite popular. Christmas 5Christmas 6Christmas 7Christmas 8Christmas 9

I loved the new styles of trees. Christmas 10

And I can never resist a stocking. Christmas 11

Who wouldn’t want to tuck into one of these on Christmas day.  Christmas 12

And I know hubby would be loving these – sadly I didn’t buy him any – they wouldn’t last!Christmas 13

Its all just so pretty. I can’t wait to go and see the other stores, only two months to do it in!

2 thoughts on “Its Christmas! – I know, its far too early!

  1. Carie says:

    Yay for Christmas – it’s nearly November so we can definitely say that! And you have to remember to do Liberty’s in your rounds – there’s is always so pretty!


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