Meatless Monday – Courgettes and tomatoes with poached eggs.

I love this recipe for courgettes and tomatoes.  I come back to it time and time again, as a side or as a main or a light lunch or tasty supper.  The men in my life hate it, I think its just too vegetably for them, but I adore it. And when your a busy girl it absolutely fits the bill, providing you with a nutritious meal that takes moments to prepare. Courgettes 1

This time I wanted something really fresh tasting, no garlic was used today.  It was simply a splash of vegetable oil, I choose rape as it gets to a higher temperature without burning than the others. Courgettes 2

I fried off my courgettes,Courgettes 3

added a tin of tomatoes and a splash of vinegar, (which forms the simplest of gastriques) and let it cook down for 5 minutes whilst you poach an egg or two. Courgettes 4

And it was at this point I served it with black pepper, it didn’t need any salt.

And then, just to make it really filthy… Courgettes 5

add a good grating of cheese,… you know you want to.

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