Stitchery Tuesday – Self Directed Study.

Things are really revving up here, six weeks until hand in and everything still to do. Which sounds like its not really revving up but it really is, the volume of work needed for hand in is, how shall we put this, enormous.

So when I said to my darling hubby a few weeks ago, ‘shall I make my next outfit to fit you’ and sunshine radiated from his face, someone should have just handed me a shotgun – for me not him – insanity reigns.

And so it was that added onto the volume of work, that sometimes nearly reduces me to tears when I think of just how much we need to get done, I’ve added this to my workload.  ‘Why?’ I can hear you all cry.  Well, its like this, there isn’t very much, not very much at all of pattern cutting tuition, I had thought there would be more, I know your shocked too, but apparently that is a separate degree and quite a specialised art in itself.  And as one of the tools I want to come out with from university on a personal level is to be able to look at a pattern cutting book and be able to understand what is going on and be able to make something from it,  I needed to bite the bullet for myself.

So, I opened Winifred Aldrich, Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear and started at page 1.  And after a long weekend, I had this. Draft 1Draft 2Draft 3

Just the sleeves and trousers to go.  Then the toiling and the adjustment of the block and then I can start on the design and the toiling of my designs (which need to be designed!) all in the space of a week..

Where did I leave them bullets….

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