A lovely day in St James’s Park.

Last week before the weather was set to turn quite violently – it mostly missed London – I decided to take a turn in the park on what was promised to be a bright and sunny Winters day.  It was beautiful, St James’s Park turned out to be everything a girl could hope for.  I took the tube to Green Park and walked through the park of the same name, whereupon I crossed The Mall to enter St James’s Park.  It was the prettiest walk, Buckingham Palace on one side, green parks on the other, the view of The Mall, red London buses and black cabs a plenty.  You knew where you were in the world.

As I entered the park I saw squirrels, I was so pleased.  And then I started to see more squirrels and more and I’d never seen as many fat grey squirrels in one place before, it did make me laugh.  And people had bought nuts and biscuits and were feeding these very friendly and very fat squirrels. St James Park 1

And talk about being bold. St James Park 2

Some were just lunatics in the quest for a tasty morsel. St James Park 3

I must say that this chap happened to remain quite calm, I’m not sure I would have done, but then I know how sharp a squirrels bite can be, having tamed our own fat squirrels that used to live in the Oak tree at the bottom of the garden and their poor eyesight not being able to distinguish between nut and thumb. St James Park 4

These geese were so pretty with their pink feet, quite adorable. St James Park 5

A view of Buckingham Palace at the end of the lake. St James Park 6

And a view of the other end.  And then the object of my affections came into view. The reason I had trekked across London.St James Park 7

Pelicans !!!  What fun to see Pelicans.  There are four Pelicans in St James’s park and they were waiting in the feeding area for their supper.  They were three quarters of an hour early, as was I. St James Park 8

I can’t tell you just how pleased I am that I have at long last seen the Pelicans in the park. St James Park 9

And one day when its warmer I shall come back and watch them being fed, I suspect there may well be some comedy to that.

St James Park 10

Everyone seemed to be enjoying their winter walk. St James Park 11

I found some very pretty ducks – Ruddy Shelducks.  St James Park 12

And some young swans. St James Park 13

Squirrels playing, oblivious to everyone else. St James Park 14

Friendly swans who came over for a chat.St James Park 15

Wonderful views of Horse Guards Parade and the Old Admiralty. St James Park 16

And trees so brightly lit by the sunshine displaying their autumn colours. St James Park 17

Prince of Wales Feathers, swishing and swaying in the fading sunlight. St James Park 18

And pigeons that had hunkered down against the cold wind that had started to bite. St James Park 19

There were more pretty geese. St James Park 21

And one very cute duck. St James Park 20

And some very hungry Coots. St James Park 23

Not to mention some more friendly swans. St James Park 22

There were leaf blowers wIth huge machines, the sight of the leaves being whirled into the air and being caught by the sunlight was glorious. St James Park 24

And then with light fading and feeling a bit chilly it was time to head home.

St James Park 25

Bidding a fond farewell to Queen Victoria.  I must say, she has a lovely view.

2 thoughts on “A lovely day in St James’s Park.

  1. Jenny says:

    This is just a lovely walk you’ve taken me on. I so enjoyed it!
    I find it hard to believe there’s still leaves and green grass anywhere in the world as there are none here! Cold and dark here the way winter should be in this neck of the woods!


  2. Noelle Mace says:

    What lovely pictures, you’ve taken full advantage of the low winter sunshine. Thanks for sharing this. I love this park, and have fond memories of when we used to live close by and were taken there for afternoon walks.


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