2015 London Calendar.

As I have been mooching around London for a few years now I thought I would try and make my own calendar for my parents and family.  Being in the middle of Warwickshire they have mostly never been to London and I thought it might be of some interest to show them what I get up to.  So here is a snap shot of what I put together.  Some of the pictures were cropped in the calendar, which I knew before I published it, so these are not exactly ‘true’ as to what my parents received, but you’ll get an idea.  Bear in mind most of these have been taken with a small camera and all without a tripod, I make no proclamations as to the standard of the photography, just taking note that ‘I WAZ ‘ERE’.    This first photograph I used as the cover and then they went from January to December.

Regent StreetRegent StreetBig BenBig BenErosEros. Victoria and Albert Museum. Victoria and Albert Museum. WestministerWestminster taken from the London Eye. Buckingham PalaceBuckingham Palace.St Paul's Cathedral and The Millennium BridgeSt Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge taken from Tate Modern.   Tower BridgeTower Bridge. Liberty. Liberty.The British Museum. The British Museum. Westminster at night viewed from the Southbank. Westminster at night viewed from the Southbank.  The London EyeThe London Eye. Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar Square.

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