Wedding Anniversary.

Well where have all the years gone.  Another year has rolled by as quick as a flash, 26 years married to this man of mine.  We decided not to bother with dinner out and ordered a  Chinese takeaway instead which was delicious.   And then we had a completely relaxing Saturday catching up on gossip whilst I was hand sewing, more on that another day.

But on Sunday we decided to venture out and firstly ended up at one of our favourite coffee houses in Piccadilly Street just off Piccadilly Circus, Kahve Dunyasi.  They do a very nice Americano served with chocolate spoons, oh my! and hubby indulged in a piece of chocolate caramel cake, which was basically a mouse on top of a chocolate ganache, not for the faint hearted whilst I gave in to the siren call of the lemon macaroons. wedding anniversary 3

Hubby does look a happy boy. wedding anniversary 2

Suitably turbo fuelled we headed off down the street to the Royal Academy to see Rubens and His anniversary 1

And we had a nice little trot around the galleries.  But, you know when you’ve been waiting for something for so long and you’ve built yourself up into heightened expectations, well that’s where I must have been, because it felt kind of flat.   Now I don’t know whether its because I think that sometimes the Royal Academy decides it must fill the space and I think the edit could have been much sharper.  I’ve often felt less is definitely more, the National Gallery seems to understand that so much better.  It could have been a lot more powerful, or maybe I was just having an off day and I think there is room for that in an analysis too.  I am going to go back in the week and view it again and see how it moves me.  It will be interesting to see if I see it in a completely different light.

Even so, it was a nice little afternoon in the middle of winter and I’m very happy to have shared it with my lovely hubby.

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