Lasagne Quilt – Finished.

Some of you may remember a quilting adventure that started at the end of September last year.  Lasagne Quilt.  Finished Quilt 1 Well it is finished. Finished Quilt 2

And I am very pleased with it and so is Toile who absolutely adores it and gambols gaily on it whenever she gets the chance, which is often. Finished Quilt 3

I’ve labelled it, (badly) should anyone find it in the dark recesses of a junk shop in a hundred years and want to find out something further about it and added my web site address which will give them all the research they could possibly hope to ever have.  Presuming there is a way of going back to old blogs by then. Finished Quilt 4

I chose to quilt it in the ditch as that is what I felt the quilt was calling for.  I can see there is the odd little stitch where the underside fabric has very slightly rumbled and caught two layers instead of one.  I decided that none of them were serious enough to require undoing and redoing and left it as part of the charm of a handmade quilt.   I really like the look of the way it is quilted. Finished Quilt 6

And then applied the binding by machine and hand stitched.  If I was being really picky as a tailor, I would say my tension is very slightly too tight. Finished Quilt 5

But even in this close up macro shot, I think you would be hard pressed to see the stitches.

My first finished quilt for Me !!!  So exciting.  One day I’ll finish the block of the month quilt.  Although I believe I have finally worked out why I drifted away from it, I just didn’t like some of the blocks.  I’ll have to try and find them all next time I’m home and start to put a quilt together from it.

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