One tickled tummy.

All the cats I’ve ever known and lets face it I’ve known a few have hated with a passion any hint that a hand might be straying towards a bit of tummy tickling., on some cats one could easily lose a finger such is their eagerness to tell you to stop doing that, at once.  All the dogs I’ve ever known would have walked over hot coals for a bit of a tummy tickle.

Toile, well she lands on my chest, flips herself over, parts her legs and waits for the tickling to begin. Toile tickling tummy._

Toile, she’s All Dog.

2 thoughts on “One tickled tummy.

  1. Jenny says:

    She is such a pretty girl and what a bonus that she likes a tummy rub! Two of our three cats enjoy a tummy tickle but not for too long. Then the biting begins.


  2. Noelle Mace says:

    Toile is a very lovely pussy, and I have just clicked with the name…I’ve also just realised that Toile looks similar that that lovely cat at the back of Kenilworth Sainsbury’s carpark. She the one cat I usually have a chat to, and she jumps onto the railing so that I can stroke her!


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