An afternoon in Selfridges.

Its been on my to do list to have a proper explore of Selfridges for a while now. We finally managed to do this last Saturday.  As always this is just a snap shot of what is there, a tiny, tiny, snapshot.  We missed the fashion floors out completely, although I must have a wander around those on another day.  So here we have a few wonderful hours exploring the not so hidden charms of Selfridges. Selfridges February 1

Can you imagine how you would feel if your boyfriend rolled up on Valentines day carrying this, Selfridges February 2

or these?  I think I would quite literally faint. Selfridges February 3

I thought these mini hyacinths were so beautiful. Selfridges February 4

Whole legs of ham, ready to carve. Selfridges February 5

I could imagine a troop of these traversing the mantelpiece. Selfridges February 6

I’ve always liked articulated limbs, artists models, horses.  I thought they would be brilliant at modelling hand knitted gloves, its good to know where they are sold. Selfridges February 7

There were hand quilted quilts. Selfridges February 8

And beautiful hand painted mugs. Selfridges February 9

A table I absolutely adored. Selfridges February 10

And who couldn’t fall in love with this chicken. Selfridges February 11

There were beautifully painted olive bowls. Selfridges February 12

And half sized butter dishes.  Which I thought were perfect but hubby moaned they were too small. Selfridges February 15

A wonderful Zebra poked up to say Hello, Selfridges February 16

And then I noticed the rest of the herd, along with friends. Selfridges February 17

I think they would be really fun in a childs bedroom. Selfridges February 13

Wonderful vases, which took so much work. Selfridges February 14

I think they would look wonderful on a kitchen windowsill. Selfridges February 18

These were my favourite pieces. China hand painted door knobs. Selfridges February 19

I just need to survey my cupboards to see where I could place a couple. Selfridges February 20

They just were so pretty. Selfridges February 21

I really want to use a couple. Selfridges February 22

We stopped for tea, the cheapest place in London, at Selfridges, its crazy isn’t it. £2.15 for a pot of tea each, including extra hot water,  at the Brass Rail restaurant just by the food hall. Selfridges February 23

And then we made it to the top floor and Hubby found a new friend.  Wouldn’t that be fun in the corner of the living room. Selfridges February 24

And I’m glad we didn’t have our boys when they were young with us, it would have been impossible trying to stop them crawling all over this.  But at nearly thirty thousand pounds, I would have tried very hard.

3 thoughts on “An afternoon in Selfridges.

  1. Carie says:

    Oh wow that cake!! And I’m with you on the drawer handles – just how gorgeous are those little owls, and then the flowers and then – well it’s probably a good job I don’t live too near Selfridges!


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