Multiple Exposure.

I’ve been playing with the multiple exposure button on my camera and it is fun.

There have been umpteen photographs taken this afternoon and to be honest not many successes.  The art I am trying to capture is alluding me, but I know that I will eventually develop my skill, just as soon as I learn how to do it !  All these are presented to you without the aid of Photoshop or any other computer wizardry, they are simply one photograph exposed twice.  Multiple exposures 1

Monty the penguin was a very good model along with a knitting magazine (some of you will recognise).  Eventually I got this. Multiple exposures 2

Then Toile sat still for long enough for me to practise.

And then it was time for me to go outside and everything I had just learnt flew out of the window as the exposure was wildly different.

Eventually I got this.Multiple exposures 4

Which I liked.  The essence of hubby.  Hubby with a rosemary bush overlaid.  But then my model shivered and moaned of feeling cold so we went indoors.

This is so much fun.

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