Hyde Park.

I recently took a days workshop at the Nikon training school in central London to learn how to take my DSLR off automatic mode.  I didn’t do too bad and my final photograph where we had to put composition, white balance, shutter speed, depth of field and ISO all into one and only one snapshot taken in the street won a mini competition and was voted best photo of the day!

Since then I have had my camera firmly switched over to manual mode and have been trying to remember everything we were taught, not as easy as it sounds.  So as the weather was absolutely glorious today hubby and I decided to have a nice relaxing walk around Hyde Park, with camera.  Some are just snaps, although in manual mode, some the composition is thought about, some I really am trying to capture a moment with a fast shutter speed and some I am trying to capture the light.   Don’t judge me too harshly, its harder than it looks. Hyde Park 1

Entering Hyde Park, such a beautiful day. Hyde Park 2

There was no wind, it felt quite warm. Hyde Park 3

The roller skaters were having a great time. Hyde Park 4

Wonderful energy. Hyde Park 5

Wildfowl on the Serpentine. Hyde Park 6

Children enjoying riding lessons. Hyde Park 7

Skateboarding, they go really fast!Hyde Park 8

A pack of Poodles, cheerfully adorned in their winter coats. Hyde Park 9

More riding lessons on pretty ponies. Hyde Park 10

Seagulls perched in a line on the ridge of the roof of the boat house. But why? Hyde Park 11

So they can have a nice little sunbathe, that’s why. Hyde Park 12

Spring flowers starting to blossom. Hyde Park 13

I have no idea what either of these flowers is called. Hyde Park 14

The Serpentine from the bridge that spans the lake in the middle of Hyde Park. Hyde Park 15

And the view the other way, we will travel further on another day. Hyde Park 16

Hyde Park 17

We continue our walk around the Serpentine and catch a glimpse of Diana, Princess of Wales,  Memorial Fountain. Hyde Park 19

And two balloons tied to a post, perhaps in memory, flutter in the wind. Hyde Park 18

A beautiful sculpture of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of nature, to capture your imagination. Hyde Park 20

The Serpentine Lido, open in the summer or to members of the Serpentine Swimming Club everyday between 6 a.m. and 9.30 a.m.  Brrrrr, rather them than I.  They also swim on Christmas Day which often makes for comical photographs in the media. Hyde Park 21

Pedal boats ready for the onslaught of children. Hyde Park 22

And a very lucky bird being hand fed. Hyde Park 23

Starting to lose light, it feels very peaceful and serene. Hyde Park 24

A willow lit up by the rays of the fading sun. Hyde Park 25

A lovely clump of snowdrops.  But I’m starting to lose concentration.  The ISO is too low for the light, the depth of field too shallow and the shutter speed too long, but hey, at least I got the exposure right !Hyde Park 26

Something I didn’t know. Hyde Park 27

So peaceful, so pretty. Hyde Park 28

And a final glimpse before we head home.

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