A vision in Blue..

My pink winter dressing gown was bought just before going into hospital to give birth to son no.2 some twenty three years ago.  It still looks almost brand new, what is a girl to do, when her dressing gown, that she has grown rather bored with refuses to curl up and die.  A girl takes to the stores in search of cheap fabric in the very end of the sales and luckily for her she found some lovely fabrics at £4.00 a metre instead of £16.00  and Simplicity pattern 5314 – a two hour extravaganza of sewing time.

Once started, many, many hours later, quite a lot longer than two hours…. I had this. dressing gown 1

A new summer dressing gown, with pockets and internal ties, belt loops, a belt and a tape loop to hang it with.  The sleeves have been made to the right length and its a lovely fit.  dressing gown 2

I made a quick pair of pyjama bottoms in a three quarter length as I’d only bought two metres, which makes them ideal for the summer, well most of the year really.  I  made a casing and elasticated the top rather than follow the pattern.  I also made a quick change as to how I attached the band on the front of the dressing gown, whipping it through my over locker rather than the more complicated way the pattern wanted you to use – probably because it didn’t require the use of said over locker. dressing gown 3

And then you get a quick shot of me creasing up.  dressing gown 4

As I’m being attacked by a fierce pussy cat. dressing gown 5

Back to the dressing gown, I keep trying to train my photographer, there are some great shots of my face, dressing gowns a bit blurry though, but you get the idea.


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