Stringed Instrument.

When I’m on the bus on the way to my nearest tube station I sometimes spot this stringed instrument dangling ever so high.  I don’t always spot it, its gone in a flash as the next lot of houses prevents you from looking back towards it, but the first time I saw it my heart soared.   It made me so happy to see something so random and I wondered what its story was.  Had it been put there on purpose?  Had it been thrown in a fit of pique and somehow caught forever there?  Was it to illustrate that there was a gifted musician in residence who might teach, if asked ever so nicely?  What could it be.   And I see it every so often and think I must find out.  Stringed Instrument. 1

So this week I went on a stringed instrument hunt.  And I walked right past it and had to double back when I knew I had gone too far.  And then there it was, dangling in the breeze for all to stare and wonder aloud, ‘what could it be?’

So with the aid of technology, I’ve been able to get a close up. Stringed Instrument. 3

And I think it is some sort of Heath Robinson affair, to make an aerial, or was that just what was available to add height to display the stringed instrument.  Who knows, but it makes me smile every time I see it.

And what is the other little blob. Stringed Instrument. 2

Well a woman’s head with ear phones of course.  What else.

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