Tate Britain.

I trotted off to see the two brand new exhibitions at Tate Britain and I wasn’t disappointed. Firstly I went to see the first exhibition in Britain of salted paper prints, which was interesting.  salt and silver 1

If I’d had my scientifically minded husband with me who did proper dark room developing as a child I might have gotten a little more out of it.  But as it was it was a pleasant experience and there were a few shots that I thought were very interesting, not least because of the basic nature of the cameras at the time.  Some of the lenses being used must have been lovely.  And then I popped into Sculpture Victorious, which was a charming exhibition with many Great Exhibition pieces, I was very glad I went to see that one.

I took a couple of shots as I was leaving. salt and silver 2

salt and silver 3

And then started to walk back along the river.  I have this method which seems to work quite well for me.  I make careful notes (if only in my head) on how to get somewhere by tube and then after seeing what I have come to see I walk back, catching random buses in the general direction of where I want to go and it seems to work quite well, I see a lot more of London that way.  And its always a pleasant diversion to strike up a conversation with a Londoner on the bus whilst seeing the whites of their eyes as they are trying to work out whether you are a nut case and watching them trying to get away.  Eventually most settle down and relax into a normal pattern of conversation, but some you can see are very, very jumpy.  I just need a badge saying, ‘I’m not a Nutter, I’m just Chatty’.   Or, ‘Hi, I’m from Warwickshire, fancy a Chat?’.

And whilst walking along the Thames, I took a couple of photographs… salt and silver 5

salt and silver 4salt and silver 6

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