Mothers Day.

This post might be a bit late, but I thought I would share with you our family’s take on Mother’s Day.

Firstly my boys, well they believe its just a Hallmark – as in greetings card company – holiday.  So I got this for Mothers Day. Wishing happy mothers day._

Which was brilliant because it is lovely to talk to them although they are very cheeky monkeys.

But I didn’t get a card, as they don’t believe in sending them, but I love getting them, especially when I am so far away and it made me very sad. (Its not exactly the card, its the lack of thought, etc, etc.)   So, when they had finally understood that *cough*, three little cards came flying through the post and I proudly placed them on the mantlepiece and they made me smile.  And then hubby came down with a tightly budded bunch of daffodils, which I do adore and they are at their peak now. Mothers day 1

And in between the upset and the harmony, I decided I needed a little pick me up, shall we call it a Mothers Day Gift, to myself. (although hubby is paying and you never know the boys might contribute,  what’s that you can see, pink pigs flying)

I treated myself to this. Mothers day 2

Wonderful isn’t it.

Sometimes a girls got to do, what a girls got to do and that’s get the credit card out.

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