Egg Muffins.

My cousin showed off an egg muffin recipe from Slimming World that she had made which looked absolutely delicious and was zero points.  I wondered how the idea would fit into the Weightwatchers plan, knowing that I would change the recipe and add a little cheese to it.

It works out at ‘just’ over 1 pro point per muffin using 4 eggs and 60g of low fat cheddar with adding sprays of oil and a drop of low fat milk.

I won’t witter on about what I did, because it all depends on what you have lurking in the fridge.  In my case I had onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and low fat cheddar.  But equally asparagus, cooked new potatoes and sweetcorn would have worked equally well, obviously remembering to watch out for any points. Egg Muffins. 1

Fresh from the oven, they were yummy.  Egg Muffins. 2

And later, cold, even tastier.  So many ways to use these little fellas, pack ups, picnics, hot with potato wedges and baked beans, cold with salads, for breakfast, for supper, or to snaffle as your passing the fridge.  My tummy is growling just looking at them, they were so good.

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