Kew Gardens.

Having waited with eager anticipation to learn of our new Princess’s name, I was amused to hear it was Charlotte having recently been to Kew Gardens and Kew Palace the main home of King George III and Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.  I was interested to learn that King George III had met Princess Charlotte on their wedding day and that they went on to have a very happy marriage being blessed with 15 children – and remarkably (for his status and the era) he never took a mistress, mind you, when would he have had the time.   I think its rather cute that our youngest Prince and Princess are named after a true love match all of those years ago and may they be very happy growing up together.

We had a lovely day, it was beautiful, enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Kew Gardens.

  1. Jenny says:

    Beautiful Mandy. I was there a few times over the years and it’s quite lovely! I enjoyed your name story as well. Didn’t know all that!


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