Before my new found addiction to making sourdough bread, of which I have just spectacularly failed, two loaves went in the bin last night –  they had been proved for too long and instead of rising majestically, they ended up being soggy, yet brick hard flat , inedible loaves which mocked my attempts at mastering the wild yeasts – oatcakes were my main carbohydrate come lunchtime.

Recently I ran out so decided to make some up, my recipe inspiration came from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, I used pin head oats and porridge oats as that what was in the cupboard and rape seed instead of olive oil, but good Cornish sea salt.  They were simplicity themselves, tasted so good with tomatoes and made wonderful lunches, snacks and suppers.  Even hubby liked them, tentatively trying them, he proceeded to demolish them.  I shall make more.

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