Les Miserables.

Just a quick note in my blog. I trotted off to see Les Mis, (I feel I can say the abbreviated version now I’ve seen it) after wanting to see it for some time.  Hubby calls it The Glums and as such didn’t want to see it, however I loved it.  Its a three hour spectacle which in any other show might stretch before you like a chasm to be crossed, especially when your bum has gone numb., but these hours just flashed by in a whirl of human emotion often raw sometimes comedic,  flashes of colour, gunfire and song.  It was magnificent.  I must watch the film, having been told about it.

There is one thing that I must remember for next time. The Queen’s theatre is quite small, well it is when you compare it to the Birmingham Rep.  And if I was to look at the distance from the stage one sits in in the best seats at the Birmingham Rep, one might realise that same distance is definitely down to cost wise of 2nd level and even 3rd level seats.  I stood at the back of the stalls, and the back was still quite close.  It must be the beauty of the small London Theatres and is something worth considering when booking in the future, it might be worth spending the twenty five or so pounds on the cheapest tickets rather than not see the production at all.  There is another thing about the Queen’s I loved, I have a 33″ inside leg, the leg room was spacious, well it was in Row C of the stalls.   I’ve never known such leg room in a theatre, the space  makes such a difference to the long legged amongst us.  Of course always check with Theatre Monkey  for hints and tips on the best seats.

I had such a great time, and one day I will learn how to buy really cheap tickets, I haven’t learned how to pick up the last minute deals, hints and tips very welcome.

3 thoughts on “Les Miserables.

  1. Carie says:

    Oh that’s a great tip about the leg room – I’ve always feared the long shows in the London theatres for killing my knees!


  2. Carie says:

    Ps I watched the film, or at least I tried to but it was neither fish nor fowl and I couldn’t get on with it – you’ll have to let me know whether it’s something that really needs to be seen in the flesh


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