London Cats.

For some reason the local cats seem to congregate around our garden, is it because of Toile, the gently sloped south facing shed roof ideally situated for sunbathing or that they can find fresh drinking water and the occasional treat?, I have no idea.  Although I feel that the rather lovely looking fully intact ginger tom has other reasons for his interest in Toile.

I’ve been letting Toile out of late, she goes out for a trot around before breakfast and I call her in after fifteen minutes and then when I am pottering around in the garden she’s always beside me playing ball in the garden and comes in when I do.

Recently the cats are coming to play with her. London cats 2

And when they do I let her out to say hello. London cats 1

And I think she is doing very well. London cats 3

Sometimes there are distractions and she’s off. London cats 4

Much to the disappointment of this bemused pussy cat. London cats 5

There she is the white cat having a break from her kittens, come to call. London cats 6

She disappeared seconds after this photograph was taken.

I must say though that since she’s been chatting with the local cats I’ve had to up her flea protection regime, I’m highly allergic to flea bites so I am very well aware of her flea status or as we like to say, ‘pets have pets’.

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