A 70th Birthday adventure.

Hubby and I collected the boys at Euston just after 10.00 a.m. and after breakfast of pancakes, bacon and other American styled treats and the wonderful ritual of the present unwrapping we  caught a black cab to take us to London Zoo, which illustrated just how small London really is, the cost was just over eight quid.  We trotted in and immediately headed over to the penguins.  Son no.1 and I have a passion for penguins so we were transfixed with their jumping for joy in the bright morning sunshine.   Then we settled into bumbling around to see what we could see, we had a marvelous day in which we had a spot of lunch, afternoon tea with cake and then at the end of the day we trotted off to Soho to our favourite Chinese where we had reserved a table for the birthday boy where he was spoilt rotten.

Just a few snaps of our most precious of days together.

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