Baking at home – Krentenbollen, The book of Buns, Jane Mason.

I recently took a quick trip back home to catch up with my beautiful boys which then results in me spending more hours than I really want to cleaning up their mess, more on that another day.  So because of that I never get a chance to catch up with everybody, but I did make time to see an old friend whose domestic goddess tendencies I happen to admire, especially her baking.  During a lovely afternoon spent admiring her gorgeous garden, whilst at the same time being given a very generous gift of two plants I was able to sample her latest bake Ninos Envueltos from Jane Mason’s book, ‘The Book of Buns’.  and decided then and their that I must join in.

I’ve been watching Stasher’s bakes on her blog for quite some time and had purchased Jane’s book a couple of weeks previously during one of my nocturnal raids on Amazon’s book store, but it had been put to one side whilst I concentrated on my bread making.  Now was the time and with my friends careful guidance as to where to find the facebook group that had bubbled up and formed from sheer enthusiasm for Jane’s bakes I was all set to go. I chose Krentenbollen,  from Holland where apparently they are almost the national dish, I do like a fruity bun. Krentenbollen 1

Firstly one infuses milk with orange and lemon zest, such pretty colours and the smell was a comforting milky citrus, the perfect way to start a morning. Krentenbollen 2

The dough ready to be formed into buns. Krentenbollen 3

The buns having been glazed just resting for a few more minutes. Krentenbollen 4

And fresh from the oven. Krentenbollen 5One ready for sampling. Krentenbollen 6

It reminded me of my very favourite bun from a high end supermarket I know and love.

And according to my calculations each bun is approximately 253 calories, worth it, oh so worth it.

3 thoughts on “Baking at home – Krentenbollen, The book of Buns, Jane Mason.

  1. Noelle says:

    Love your description of these, and your photos of your first bake. Another tip is baking them a little lower in the oven. Just the best of breakfasts one with a nice cup of coffee, then a walk in the sunshine to increase those Vit D levels. You’ll really enjoy all the bakes.


  2. Jenny says:

    I could eat six of those buns in one sitting!! They look amazingly delicious!
    I’m almost finished reading my Tartine Bread book!


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