Lemon Curd Butterfly fairy cakes.

I was invited to a barbecue last weekend, I had a brilliant time.  I decided my contribution should be something sweet and home made and I settled on these as an idea. I must say they came off very well and rapturous moaning of sheer joy could be heard as they were being eaten.

They are simply a basic Victoria sandwich mix, I did an 8, 8, 8, ounces of flour, butter and sugar by 4 eggs mix with finely grated lemon zest.  And then for the centres a good quality lemon curd, topped with a butter cream that had lovely big dollops of lemon curd mixed in, followed by the merest sprinkling of fairy dust. Lemon Curd Butterfly Fairy Cakes 1

Oh look, there is one that I couldn’t squeeze into the cake tins. Lemon Curd Butterfly Fairy Cakes 2

Its a real shame. Lemon Curd Butterfly Fairy Cakes 3

Oh Well.

(We shared it )

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