Cold Oven Bread Baking part 2.

So the experimentation continues. This time I started the bread in a cold oven in a dutch oven. It produced a light bake and whilst this loaf was baking I held back the other loaf in the fridge.  Both doughs weighed exactly the same.  Then I placed the second loaf into the hot oven on a tray.  The next experiment will be cooking the second loaf in the preheated dutch oven.

Cold Oven Baking part 2As you can see the cold oven dutch oven bake produced a larger loaf and a paler bake than the the hot oven on a tray version. Cold Oven baking part 2 1

And the bake itself produced a lovely soft loaf, it was delightful, I really enjoyed this loaf.  I think there may be something in this idea for the home baker.

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