Streatham Common Annual kite Day.

Having seen this advertised on the Londonist, I just knew we had to go,  we caught the Victoria line and stayed onto Brixton deep in the south of London and then caught the bus to Streatham Common, we knew when we were getting near as kites lit up the sky line.  My excitement was such that I was willing the bus to stop so that I could jump off and get a proper look. Kites 1

Batman patrolling the London skies looking for crime.

Kites 2 Catwoman was by his side, eager to help should the need arise. Kites 3

Parrots squawking supportive squawks.

Kites 12 I think Long John Silver must have skedaddled on seeing Batman, but we still have Tick Tock the crocodile. (it might not be that!)

Kites 17 Smorg the dragon was coming up the rear. Kites 24

And Super Ted ? This crowd cheers.Kites 23

And a rather cute frog.

Kites 4 Last but not least a family of very cute pigs.

And then we had a rather death defying feat, I’m not sure if he was meant to go this high…  I’ll let you be the judge, I think he was a bit concerned and when the commentator asked if he was going to repeat the performance he replied with a definite No.

Kites 6 Starting off, he’s going pretty fast by the way.

Kites 7 And a little bit higher, we can still see the trees.

Kites 9 And still just see the tree’s.

Kites 10 We’ve lost the tree’s but he’s still going higher. Kites 11

And higher.  It was quite crazy. Kites 22

There were kite performances Kites 21

and lots of lovely shaped kites. Kites 18

Including brightly coloured spinning kites.

Kites 19 And everybody had bought a kite to fly, kites as far as the eye could see. Kites 13

And there was wonderful food, Jerk chicken and goat curry .

Kites 14 Along with pick your own fish Kites 15

and have it cooked for you,

Kites 16 served with fresh bread, olives and other tasty treats.  I saw other peoples it looked delicious, I opted for the curried goat, beans and rice, salad and plantain which was very good.

And if the day could not get any more perfect, just occasionally and out the corner of your eye, Kites 20 bubbles floated across the common.

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