Liberty, how we love thee. It had been ages since I’d made the turn left and left again detour from Oxford Circus, I probably could use the exit named Argyll Street, but I still love the buzz of walking slap bang into the middle of Oxford Street and being nearly overwhelmed (in a good way) with whats going on.  And I needed to go, because I needed to spend my ten pounds voucher that had come months ago before it went out of date or I stuffed it in a draw and forgot about it. Liberty 1

I really love the way they use their ships mast, which if you enter the store from Great Marlborough Street lets you see right up to the 4th floor.  It is always wonderfully decorated and today we were met with lengths of Liberty fabric festooned around it. Liberty 15

We had hardly made it more than a few feet into the building when hubby – and this is unusual for hubby – squawked ‘look at that hat’.  So I looked, Liberty 2

and it was indeed a thing of beauty, and you all know how I like a hat.  It was considerably more than my ten pounds voucher, but hubby looked very keen and I tried it on and unusually for me what with my large head for a lady, it fitted a treat.  The rest, they say, is history…  something to look forward to for the autumn.  (although it has been to knitting and everybody love it!)

Liberty is such a pretty store. Liberty 3

that occasionally I get carried away Liberty 4

and ask the price.  I can’t remember whether the chap said twelve or fourteen thousand…  It’s made of silk, isn’t it gorgeous.  If anyone wants to become a benefactor to the ‘wouldn’t Mandy love this rug’ cause, I wouldn’t say no.   And my ‘of course I knew that’ walk as I glide away trying to hide sheer embarrassment is getting better.

But you just can’t help yourself in Liberty, Liberty 5

their items are just Liberty 6

gorgeous. Liberty 7

I always think its a little bit like going into a museum, its quite like the Burrell Collection in Glasgow, but you can buy stuff.  Liberty 8

Antiquities galore. Liberty 9

I loved this horse so much. Liberty 10

TLiberty 11hese mirrors are pretty.

And what’Liberty 12s not to love about Rowan.

Not such a sunny SundayLiberty 13, but we are very happy inside.

This poodle, with a perfect pompom haircut. Liberty 14

And Look, its our lurcher PiP !!!!  How did he get there?  Paisley really suits him.



2 thoughts on “Liberty

  1. Carie says:

    Oh that is a truly fabulous hat and very you! Excellent use of a voucher seeing as it would only buy you a thread on that gorgeous rug!


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