Portobello Road Market – Wednesday.

Having been tied up with this and that I’ve hardly been out of the house of late, apart from a meal out for my birthday and a quick trip out last Sunday, so feeling like I was suffering from cabin fever I set forth to discover what Portobello Road Market was like on a Wednesday. Portobello Road Wednesday 1

Bit quiet isn’t it?  Compared to the throngs of crowds on a Saturday. Portobello Road Wednesday 2

There are many lovely shops to discover, even though I spent a solid five hours exploring I’ve only scratched the surface.  This shop was cute, Biscuiteers iced biscuits from Beatrix Potter’s childhood characters. Portobello Road Wednesday 3

And a wonderful seaside display. Portobello Road Wednesday 5

Down a side street I discovered Books for Cooks,  Portobello Road Wednesday 7

A treasure trove of just cookery books, absolutely incredible. And, they test recipes from the cookery books  in their little cafe at the back and three courses is £7.00, I didn’t try but it all looked and smelt lovely. Portobello Road Wednesday 8

There was the ribbon shop to admire Portobello Road Wednesday 9

and fresh flowers. Portobello Road Wednesday 10

Lovely peaches and apricotsPortobello Road Wednesday 11

and cherriesPortobello Road Wednesday 12

and huge globe artichokes. Portobello Road Wednesday 13

The colour and size of these radishes just blew me away.  Portobello Road Wednesday 14

There were enchanting headdresses Portobello Road Wednesday 15

and beautiful scarves. Portobello Road Wednesday 16

A wander into Cath Kidston revealed this bus stop sign, it did make me giggle. Portobello Road Wednesday 17

And I have several friends who would love these pretty aprons whilst baking their bread. Portobello Road Wednesday 18

La Cava a Fromage  this cheese shop was simply mind bogglingly excellent, absolutely extraordinary.Portobello Road Wednesday 19

To illustrate, this is just the selection of the goats cheeses. Portobello Road Wednesday 20

And if I’d thought I could have got this extremely ripe Gorgonzola home without it completely dissolving in the heat, I would have bought it, either that or asked for a spoon and some good bread, it would have made the most perfect of impromptu picnics.  Portobello Road Wednesday 21

And then I found Hummingbird Bakery, and this time I managed to get into the shop, last time the queue was a mile long. Portobello Road Wednesday 22

And then there was the import decision making process of which piece to take home.  Should it be the Red Velvet cake. Portobello Road Wednesday 23

Or the Rainbow cake. Portobello Road Wednesday 24

Or perhaps the Lemon and Raspberry Ripple cake. Portobello Road Wednesday 25

But then I found my one true love, the Chocolate and Malt cake, you should have seen the slice that she cut, it was huge. Portobello Road Wednesday 26

All Saints have a very impressive selection of old Singer sewing machines. Portobello Road Wednesday 27

There were some lovely old signs, who wouldn’t want a children’s stop sign for their children to play with. Portobello Road Wednesday 28

I loved this pig, Portobello Road Wednesday 29

Just wonderful bric a brac. Portobello Road Wednesday 30

at every turn. Portobello Road Wednesday 31

I do think Clarabelle was a very fine pig.  Wouldn’t that look lovely in your kitchen, I’d love it. Portobello Road Wednesday 32

The cherries are just starting to ripen, I’m sure the blackbirds will love them. Portobello Road Wednesday 33

This almost unseen Portobello Road Wednesday 34sign is a real treat.

A shop selling sneakers, Portobello Road Wednesday 35

that goes on and Portobello Road Wednesday 36

on. Portobello Road Wednesday 37

That huge piece of cake made it home and I ate it for my supper, Portobello Road Wednesday 39

and to add balance tempered it with some bright spears of asparagusPortobello Road Wednesday 38

and fresh cherries. Portobello Road Wednesday 40

And now to stretch out with a new cookery book and a new to me food magazine.  Such a lovely, lovely, blissful day.


6 thoughts on “Portobello Road Market – Wednesday.

  1. Carie says:

    I LOVE Books for Cooks – I went there once with my sister when Kitty was very small and we could have spent the whole day there! Deliciously Ella is wonderful too, I’m still cooking my way through it but there’s a great veggie curry. I’ve not heard of Root and Bone either, is it good?


  2. Jenny says:

    Having read every word and looked at every picture, I did that walk with you. I would give almost anything to be there and every day now I wonder why I left. Well I do know why but I wish I could go back.
    I can never see Portobello Rd without thinking of Bedknobs and Broomsticks! I must watch that again.


  3. Noelle says:

    What a delightful blog post. Great pictures, my mouth is watering, my mind full of beautiful colours and sights, you should do walk rounds for tourists or visitors to London. You manage to get to the right spots.


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