Birthday Weekend.

Birthday 5

There was lovely homemade sourdough toast, fresh butter and marmalade accompanied by good coffee to start the weekend mornings. Birthday 14

This really was the best loaf I’ve baked to date, it was the first cold oven sourdough bake and has been patiently waiting in my freezer for this very weekend, the flavour was just wonderful.  I’m loving the structure of the loaf, you can really see the wild yeasts at work. Birthday 6

Hubby and I decided it might be quite nice to trot around Marylebone for my birthday treat and it was wonderful. I hardly took any photographs and hubby has wandered off with his, so I’ll have to see what he has later in the week. Birthday 7

I loved this loaf of bread, somehow saying ‘loaf’ doesn’t quite convey the meaning of this giant magical beast, I would have loved to have bought it, it probably would have made me giggle all week. Birthday 8

Even the charity shops have a certain glamour. Birthday 9

We found one of my favourite shops, Anthropologie, I could spend serious amounts of money playing with their pottery, nick nacksBirthday 11 and soft furnishings. Birthday 10

And then… We found this… and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Birthday 12

Is this not the most beautiful book shop you have ever seen?  It was at the end of the day when we found it, we were tired, we are so going back to spend a couple of hours just browsing. Its called Daunts Bookshop and if you are passing whilst in Marylebone, you must pop in, you really must. Birthday 13

So for my birthday presents it will come as no great surprise to find some lovely cups from Anthropologie, they just make me want to drink good coffee and fine tea all day, and a spanking brand new reading book from Daunts.  So happy.

Then hubby took me out for a lovely Italian meal and I got to wear my gorgeous new party dress from the January sales. Birthday 1


Birthday 2


And then I just need to twirl and twirl and twirl whilst singing “The Hills are Alive  from The Sound of Music”.   Completely Bonkers!Birthday 3

Laughing my head off. Birthday 4

And my lovely hubby, who knows I am bonkers anyway.

It was a great birthday, I feel very blessed.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend.

  1. Noelle says:

    You exude joy, and look so happy and the dress is fabulous too. Great gits. And lovely bread too! There is an art to eating sourdough, catching the butter and marmalade that drips through, maybe onto the plate or down the chin, lots of laughter required to cover the less than lady like slurpings…..that is why eating sourdough was never cover in etiquette lessons!


    • mandycharlie says:

      Thank you, yes the dress finally had an airing, all the better for the build up and suspense, although there are times that I think I should walk around dressed like that all of the time, no one would bat an eyelid in London!


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