Right, I am nearly up to date. You might have noticed the flurry of blog posts about days out, plant shopping, bread making, bird watching, cake making and posies.  I haven’t included the gardening and the green wheelie bin filled to the brim or anything remotely to do with knitting or knitting groups.  This week has been pretty busy and the only way to catch up on blog posts is to wake in the early hours and start writing.

But along with all of those creative exploits there has been a little light quilting. Its still in its early stages, but I know where I am going with it now. Quilting 1

This was the initial idea. Quilting 2 Quilting 3

And this is trying to get the right look with the lights and darks.  I think its okay, if its not perfect, well, it will still be beautiful.

And this quilt is being taken slowly and gently, which is a rarity for me, because normally once I start sewing I will sew and sew and sew, but this time I want to take it gently and thoroughly enjoy the process, one tiny step at a time.

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