Hampton Court – again!

I think one of my very favourite places in London has to be Hampton Court, from North London it takes quite a while to get to, but on a sunny day such as Saturday’s it was the place that I wanted to be, not least to show its special charms to my lovely hubby.  After all the recent rain it looked lush and verdant, everything you want a garden to be, we enjoyed it all so much we spent hours pottering and didn’t bother with the Royal apartments, which are definitely worth seeing, but not on a day as glorious as this was. Afterwards we headed into Soho for a lovely meal, not least because we had fed much of our lunch to the birds!

I think if I was to give one tip, bring lunch, the food and drink is prohibitively expensive, when we were buying coffee’s the lady in front of us only appeared to have two jacket potoatoes and two drinks plus a couple of other bits and bobs on her tray and it came to £26.00 !!!  That’s a jolly good chunk towards a nice dinner, thank you very much.  This year hubby and I are going to perfect the art of becoming Londoners and not tourists, our lunch was 50p each, home made hoummus and pitta breads.  Next time we’ll be bringing a flask of coffee too!

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