Paisley Skirt

Paisly skirt 4Whilst we were in Wales I saw this very pretty fabric, Road Well Traveled by Marcus Fabrics and just had to have it.  My hand was reaching for it before my conscious brain had kicked in – my subconscious brain had already worked out it was exactly my colours and that I was going to make a skirt.   Paisly skirt 2

Knowing that I have a skirt pattern that I developed from my own measurements to use 1.5 metres of fabric (If I use a different fabric for a facing) if the fabric is 44″ wide,  so I promptly asked for just that.   It gives me exactly the right length for a just below the knee look that I like.  Paisly skirt 1

I love it, its the perfect mix of autumnal tones that you all know I love and adore.  Paisly skirt Facing.

And just because its always fun to see the hidden bits and pieces.  Here is my perfectly executed invisible zip, I do so enjoy an invisible zip, and the fabric I chose for fun to use for the skirts facings.  You’ll never see it but every time I put that skirt on I’ll see its flash of green fun fabric and smile a happy smile. paisley skirt dummy

And a quick snap of it just as it was finished, where you can see the waistline more clearly.

4 thoughts on “Paisley Skirt

  1. Carie says:

    Oh pretty! I saw the picture first and thought what a perfect Mandy fabric it was and I love the facings, I suspect I recognise that fabric!!


  2. meezus (@bellecurved) says:

    Such a lovely skirt from amazing fabric! I found you via your Ravelry Gnarled Oak Sweater project and visiting your blog has been an absolute delight! (On rav I am kmjackson). So nice to “meet” you MandyCharlie.




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