A good lunch.

After a mornings shopping for clothes for my gorgeous boy, or as we in the trade call it ‘being rinsed out’, it was time to take stock and feed before the final leg of operation ‘kit the boy out for winter’ commenced. When I remembered we were very close to a French bistro we had had excellent lunches in before that I was sure I wouldn’t need a reservation, Le Bistrot Pierre sure enough, although gone 2.p.m. and still packed to the rafters – always a good indication – we were swiftly shown to a table and looked after with just the right attentiveness. image

Claret and good bread with fine French butter swiftly appeared. image

Followed by delicious filleted sardines for me and robustly flavoured lip smackingly garlicky country pate for son no.1 image

We both chose the pork for our next course, a perfectly cooked loin of pork, best part of two inches thick balanced on a pile of sautéed Savoy cabbage and lardons which added a perfect salty note, with a brandy and course grain mustard sauce accompanied by roasted baby potatoes and freshly cooked seasonal veg. It was sublime. image

And to finish the most dreamy of creme caramels. image

The boy and I enjoyed every single mouthful. image

A perfect moment to remember and treasure.

7 thoughts on “A good lunch.

  1. mandycharlie says:

    Because it’s finely chopped, it’s more of a strip than a cube, I don’t know why I said cube, but it does end up being cube like as the fat renders away whilst frying and the bacon then separates into its muscle layers. Some chefs will cut larger lardons that are then more cube like than strip like, I think it depends on the dish, a robust casserole or cassoulet to be cooked for several hours would have larger cubes of bacon, still called a lardon whilst the sauted Savoy cabbage at lunch had delicate strips that had been flash fried before the addition of the cabbage to the pan.


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