Richmond Park

I’ve been meaning to come back and blog about various excursions and activities over the last few weeks but because of various happenings beyond my control I haven’t had the time.  So if these blog posts seem a bit random and out of the usual time line of life, I must apologise, but if I don’t get them down soon(ish) it will be too late and the photos will never see the light of day, and I think that would be a shame.

Hubby and I went to Richmond Park, which was lovely it was such a beautiful day, to watch the deer rutting. Highlights were seeing so many stags in fine fettle, doe’s looking ever so pretty, the sight line carefully preserved to St Paul’s Cathedral and the Parakeets screeching their merry little heads off – we are definitely going back for the Parakeets alone once the leaves have dropped, I really want to try and photograph them in all their lime green glory. Richmond park 1 Richmond park 2 Richmond park 3 Richmond park 4 Richmond park 5 Richmond park 6 Richmond park 7 Richmond park 8 Richmond park 9 Richmond park 10 Richmond park 11 Richmond park 12 Richmond park 13 Richmond park 14 Richmond park 15 Richmond park 16 Richmond park 17

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