Window Shopping – Jimbobart, E2.

I was having a wander around Brick Lane when I thought I would meander into Cheshire Street, there were some lovely cute independent shops but Jimbobart really caught my eye.  jimbobart5

Such a pretty shop, but what was that in the window, jimbobart1

a very good likeness of Pip our lurcher.  I stared at it and laughed out loud and knew that I had to go in. jimbobart2

And I was not disappointed, the plates are magnificent, I loved them all. Although I think the cheese and sandwich defender along with (Pip) the biscuit nibbler would be my three main choices.
























There are equally amusing mugs to enjoy with your tea party and if that was not enough. jimbobart4























There is a very big bear to share your honey and bread with,  but I don’t think he is for sale.










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